Multi-Tenancy Buildings

Most companies work in shared locations with a common reception area. Providing a unique visitor experience can be difficult to achieve. Adeptic’s Onsite has been designed to help provide that unique experience. The tenant companies have control over their visitor sign in flow and the information gathered.

Here we Here we highlight how Onsite solves some of the specific requirements for multitenancy buildings.

Unique Branding for each Tennant

Multitenancy Buildings use onSite's app acting as a kiosk. The app allows all the tenant’s logos to be clearly displayed so visitors can quickly select the company they're visiting.

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Protection of Tennant Company Data

Onsite was designed to ensure GDPR compliance and allows each company control of their data. For each type of activity, you can define what information is captured and for how long it is stored (from 1 day to many years). Our privacy policy clearly explain the use of data. clearly explains the use of data.

Unique Sign In/Out workflows

Each company can have their own work flows to sign people or deliveries in or out. Companies can create unique a workflow for each type of activity (visitor, deliveries, contractor), collecting only the information they need for that visit.

Groups of Activities

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Sign in with access control

We can link in with leading access control vendors (like Paxton) to provide automatic triggers from their systems. Each company can define a set of actions/ notifications that onsite follows when a visitor has used the access control system.

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Onsite is a secure cloud-based system, given access to users anywhere in the world. Great for in office or remote working. Users can be given access to any activity that has been setup.

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Users only see the information relevant to them

Different departments (reception, HR, engineering...) might be interested in different information. Onsite records all the information but can be configured to have multiple dashboard views (tables, calendars, bar charts) for each activity. Only the information relevant to a user needs to be shown on their dashboard.

Ensure visitors complete the correct forms

Onsite allows you to configure forms (NDAs, health Forms...) specifically for each activity. These can be filled in before a visitor comes to site (pre-registration) or when they arrive on site using the Onsite Companion App. Onsite tracks who and when a visitor has completed a form.

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Log all User Interactions with an Event

Onsite records all user interactions in a system log. A full audit trail of when/what/who has created, deleted, or updated an event. Any user can see the log of the current event, admins can search the audit logs for all events.

Add events direct from Outlook

Users can also add/update events in onsite from within their calendar (outlook, gmail or similar). Onsite was will automatically add/update activities directly from many business systems (ERP to warehousing).

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