Our Service

Onsite helps you manage visitors and goods in a much smarter way.
Using our Software as a Service to manage everything into and out of your company you will
lower maintenance and increase security while ensuring a reliable system that grows with you.

In the Cloud

To manage the activity that goes into and out of your company requires a solution that can be used anywhere and anytime. One of the reasons we developed OnSite as a Software Service (SaaS).

We looked at various partners and technologies to host our services to ensure a cost effective, reliable, scalable and secure service. Partnering with companies like Amazon Web Services and MailGun we have developed a robust and easy to use service.

onSite using the cloud
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Amazon Web Services

OnSite is hosted using Amazon Web Services (AWS). We chose AWS because it has been engineered for the most demanding requirements.

AWS have the most comprehensive security capabilities to satisfy the most demanding requirements and customers. AWS provide us with great controls to monitor and secure our service while allowing the service to scale dynamically as demand rises and falls.


We understand the importance of your data, and we’re committed to ensure our service is secure and reliable. We're proud of the system and infrastructure we've put in place.

From our Data Protection policies, HTTP secure connections, encrypted databases and secure logins to guarding against Denial of Service attacks by utilising AWS's Shield. We take the security of your data seriously. You can read our Privacy Statement to see our policies on managing your data.

OnSite Data Protection overview

About Us

OnSite provides an easy way to manage anything that comes into, through and out of your company.

Modernise the way your company manages access to your offices and sites.

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