OnSite Visitor and Goods Management

OnSite provides an easy way to manage anything that comes into, through and out of your company.

Our secure, cloud based service has some great, configurable features: -

Manage Any Activity

Managing visitors, goods or contractors can be very different. So OnSite lets you define the flow and states of an activity.

If someone needs to know a lorry has been unloaded or the documentation is ready then simply define a state for it.

Manage Multiple Sites

OnSite can manage multiple sites anywhere in the world for the same company. Each site can define their own activities.

You manage who has access to an activity; regardless of where they or the activity is located.

Collect any Information

Each activity might need specific information. From customer references to attaching paperwork and images.

We let you conveniently create groups (eg order, dispatch, arrival) for the information of each activity.

Notify Anyone, Anytime

To help manage the visit or activity, different people might need to be notifed at different stages of the activity.

OnSite can notify anyone at each stage via the app, email, text or through messaging. It's quick and easy to configure.

Configurable Mobile App

Add and manage mobile devices just like users. You can then quickly configure the app to do single or multiple tasks.

Tasks range from checking visitors in, viewing and signing forms to taking photos and adding them to the event.

Add Document Signing

OnSite lets you define any form or document that needs to be read or signed. You can then link the form to an activity.

OnSite keeps track of who, when and if a form has been completed. The mobile app is great for viewing and signing documents.

Create Visitor Badges

If your activity has visitors, you can decide if a visitor badge is required. Useful for quickly assessing why the visitor is on site.

Onsite lets you choose the type and style of badge. You can easily add ID badges to the mobile app.

Create and Export Reports

Understanding your activities is vital to managing your operations. So, we believe in providing easy access to your data.

OnSite allows you to create, run, schedule and email reports. The reports can be easily imported into a spreadsheet for analysis.

Configure the Dashboard

If you define the information you'd like to collect, it follows that you should be able to decide what appears on the dashboard.

The dashboard is colour coded based on event's state and information. It can be quickly sorted and exported.

Control User Access

OnSite provides tight access control providing user and admin access for each activity.

Users only see the activities that they're interested in, regardless of where they or the activity is in the world.

Your Data Protection

We've designed OnSite with Data Protection in mind. Our Privacy Statement explains how we put you in control of your data.

For each activity you define who is responsible for the data and for how long and why you keep the information.

Know it will Grow with You

Providing a secure, scalable and reliable service is important to OnSite. So, we chose Amazon Web Services as our host platform.

AWS provide data centres and a network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations

About Us

OnSite provides an easy way to manage anything that comes into, through and out of your company.

Modernise the way your company manages access to your offices and sites.

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