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Broxburn Bottlers provides bottling and warehousing for a wide range of products from gin to whisky. As with many manufacturers they use ERP and warehousing systems to help manage their operations. The site always has someone (visitors, employees, contractors) or something (dry goods, duty paid goods, casks, despatch, couriers) entering or leaving.

Adeptic’s Onsite has simplified their operations and made managing access to the site much easier.

Here we highlight how Onsite solves some of their specific requirements.

Companywide View

Onsite is a secure cloud-based system, giving access to users anywhere in the world. Great for in office or remote working. Users can quickly view the information for any activity .

Company Wide View

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Synchronise with Business Systems

Onsite is easily configured to automatically add/update shipping activities using a feed directly from the bottling plant's ERP system. We can take feeds from any operational business system by getting those systems to email Onsite a simple text report. Users can add events directly or from within their calendar (outlook, gmail or similar).

Users only see the information relevant to them

Different departments (admin, warehouse...) might be interested in different information. Onsite stores all the information but can be configured to have multiple views (tables, calendars, bar charts) into the data of each activity. This means only the information relevant to a user needs to be shown on their dashboard.

Groups of Activities

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Attach key documents for each event in an activity

Onsite allows you can attach PDFs, Spreadsheets, and images to an event. A user can quickly attach key documents (shipping docs, NDAs, photographs…). Those docs are then available to any user within the company with the right permissions.

Add proof that a lorry has been loaded and sealed.

Simply taking a number of photgraphs of the lorry or container would provide the required proof. The images also needed to be assoicated with the particular event. To make this easy we used Onsite's companion app running on a tablet and configured a task. The task allowed a user to search for an event (maybe despatch of goods), use the tablet to take multiple pictures of the lorry and upload them to the event. Proof that the lorry or container was loaded could be easily accessed months later.

Company Wide View

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Log all User Interactions with an Event

Onsite records all user interactions in a system log. A full audit trail of when/what/who has created, deleted, or updated an event. Any user can see the log of the current event, admins can search the audit logs for all events.

Ensure visitors/drivers complete the correct forms

Onsite allows you to configure forms (NDAs, health Forms...) specifically for each activity. These can be filled in before a visitor comes to site (pre-registration) or when they arrive on site using the Onsite Companion App. Onsite tracks who and when a visitor has completed a form.

Company Wide View

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Link Haulier to Multiple orders (events)

If a haulier is collecting multiple orders the user should only enter the haulier information once. OnSite allows a user to select and edit multiple events. Onsite automatically recognises which information (like driver and haulier details) is common to all the selected events.

Ensure GDPR Data Protection Compliance

Onsite was designed to ensure GDPR compliance allowing you to control your data. For each type of activity, you can define what information and for how long it’s stored (from 1 day to many years). Our privacy policy clearly explain the use of data.

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OnSite provides an easy way to manage anything that comes into, through and out of your company.

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